Strategy papers by sector
and the total number of strategies

With the overview of strategy papers, their implementation and effects, we wish to reinforce the strategic direction Montenegro is taking towards citizen-centred sustainable development.


Policy Planning System in Montenegro

Prime Minister’s inaugural speech
International commitments - UN, NATO, EU, WTO etc.
Development vision
Medium-term Government Work Programme
Fiscal Strategy
Montenegro’s Development Directions
Economic Reforms Programme
Montenegro’s Programme of Accession to the EU
National Sustainable Development Strategy by 2030
Partnership Agreement with the EU
Medium-term Work Programmes for line ministries
Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy Guidelines
Sector-based strategy papers
3, 4 or more years
Annual Work Programme of the Government
Annual Budget
Action Plans
1 - 2 years
The strategic planning system in Montenegro includes all strategy papers setting the key lines of action in a given policy area at the national level, setting the priorities and country’s development policy, while assuming international commitments stemming from Montenegro’s membership to the UN, NATO and other international organisations, and Montenegro’s accession to the European Union, which substantially guides policy planning as such.

Key components of the system include:

Umbrella strategy papers

Strategies and plans enshrined in the Constitution:
• National Security Strategy and Defence Strategy
• Spatial Plan for Montenegro

The papers setting key political priorities:

• Prime Minister’s Inaugural Speech
• Medium-term Government Work Programme
• Annual Government Work Programme

The strategies and plans setting general country-level development directions

• Montenegro’s Development Directions
• National Sustainable Development Strategy 2016- 2030
• Montenegro’s Programme of Accession to the European Union
• Partnership Agreement with the EU (IPA)

Financial strategy papers

• Fiscal Strategy
• Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy Guidelines
• Economic Reforms Programme

Given their scope and multi-sector approach, Regional Development Strategy and Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) can also be regarded as umbrella strategy papers.

Sector-based strategy papers

Sector-based strategy papers are policy papers elaborating further the priorities set in the umbrella strategy papers.

These include strategies and programmes developed within seven policy areas:

Strategy papers

A strategy paper is a tool used to shape and guide the developments in the given policy area, identify challenges, set goals, propose activities, together with the financial and staffing resources needed for its implementation.

The strategic planning system in Montenegro is based on the Decree on Methodology and Procedure for Drafting, Aligning and Monitoring the Implementation of Strategy Documents, which lays out the minimum quality criteria for all strategy documents adopted by the Government of Montenegro.

The national policy planning system distinguishes between the umbrella and sector-based strategy papers.


A policy document that lays out the goals and strategic orientations in one or more socio-economic areas.


A policy document that is more narrow in scope than a strategy which articulates the modalities of solving a certain issue in a given policy area that was not foreseeable at the moment of drafting of the respective strategy.

Action plan

A policy document that defines the activities for the implementation of a strategy or a programme aimed at reaching the envisaged strategic goals and operational objectives, and makes an integral part thereof.

Civil Servants’ Strategic Planning Network operates as a comprehensive platform for collaboration in building the capacities for establishing a sustained policy planning system.

This is an informal forum chaired by the Government’s Secretariat General, with representatives of all line ministries involved in drafting strategy papers as its members.

The aim of the Network is to actively foster inter-agency cooperation, coordination of actions and improvements to the strategic planning system recognising the challenges different departments face in implementing strategy papers.

Through its work, the Network helps upgrade the quality of strategy papers in Montenegro and the thorough preparation of civil servants in this area.

The Network is a platform for sharing experiences, knowledge and skills helping to build the spirit of joint contribution to the strategic planning system as such.

Training Programme for Civil Servants’ Professional Development in the Area of Strategic Planning

This is the first accredited, licenced and systemic training programme in Montenegro for building the capacities of civil servants for strategic planning, implemented jointly by the Government’s Secretariat General and the Human Resources Management Administration (HRMA), which leads to the acquisition of 6 ECTS credits.

The Training Programme aims to establish a uniform approach to policy planning and development and building the capacities of the civil servants taking part in the strategic planning exercises, focusing on proper implementation of the new planning framework.

The Training Programme focuses on developing proper and hands-on skills for drafting strategy papers to be conducive to increased public administration efficiency in a transparent, accountable and sustained manner.

The Training Programme encompasses both theoretical inputs and practical work on developing sample strategy papers, and is split into 6 modules delivered by national and international experts. Following successful completion of the Cycle 1 delivered in 2018/2019, a new generation of 40 participants are attending the modules in 2019/2020.