Economic development and environment

Policy overview

The domain of Economic Development and Environment includes economic, agricultural and environmental policies, with sustainable development as the linchpin for these policies, which ensures synergies among the above policies and better coherence with other policies. This means that in designing development documents aimed at economic growth particular attention should be given to sustainability and environmental principles.

Seen against this backdrop, and in line with key strategic principles of the European Union and the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, pertinent policies put key emphasis on rational, efficient and sustainable use of natural resources, preservation of natural habitats and biodiversity, reduced GHG emissions and climate action, circular economy and green jobs, as well as greater social responsibility in line with positive European and international experiences.

It is worth stressing that the policies under the Economic Development and Environment sector cannot be viewed in isolation form other policy sectors in Montenegro, nor would the concept of sustainable development allow that. To the contrary, these policies are intrinsically intertwined with other policy areas and as such must be reflected in them.

Sector-based strategies

Overview of current strategy papers

Sustainable Development, Environment and Tourism