Employment, social policy and health

Policy overview

Employment, Social Policy and Health is a sector which includes mutually linked matters from within the mandates of several state administration authorities with the focus on quality of life and equal opportunities for all. It includes the issues of inclusive growth, social cohesion and health protection. Employment, social and health policies are mutually reinforcing, and their synergies should ensure economic development with fair distribution of resources and equal opportunities for all.

Notably, increased employment levels across society, modernisation of the labour market and social protection are all conducive to social cohesion since they work toward reducing poverty and social marginalisation. Moreover, accessible and universal healthcare is vital for inclusive growth, given that public health is of general social interest and the most significant resource for development.

Sector-based strategies

Overview of current strategy papers

Labour and Social Welfare

Expired documents

Programme for Employment and Social Policy Reform 2015-2020

Strategy for Integration of Persons with Disabilities 2016-2020

Strategy for Protection against Domestic Violence 2016-2020

Strategy for Improving Occupational Health and Safety 2016-2020

National Strategy for Employment and Human Resource Development 2016-2020