Financial and fiscal policy

Policy overview

The fiscal and financial policy is underpinned by a set of strategy documents chiefly based on the need to further enhance Montenegro’s fiscal stability, primarily through achieving budget surplus and setting the public debt on a downward trajectory, with concurrent economic upturn and increased competitiveness of Montenegrin economy. The main goal pursued is smart and sustainable inclusive growth conducive to better quality of life for all citizens, while reducing the development gap compared to the EU average. Specific policies focus on the increase of budget revenues, decrease of consumption and more investments in infrastructure, as well as setting the public debt on a downward trend and funding the debt from the economic growth. As envisaged by the key strategy documents in this sector, the goals will be achieved through attracting foreign direct investments, developing new forms of public-private partnerships, utilising EU pre-accession funding, favourable loans, and national financial resources.

Sector-based strategies

Overview of current strategy papers

Industrial policy and production

Expired documents

Economic Reform Programme 2021-2023

Economic Reforms Programme 2020-2022