Science, education, culture, youth and sports

Policy overview

This sector encompasses the policies that guide the development of science, innovation and research, further improvement of education at all levels of learning, safeguarding and strengthening the position of young people, and the development of sport and culture in Montenegro.

The synergies among these policy areas work towards having comprehensive social and economic development based on innovation and strong research activities, high-quality education as the key element reinforcing a productive life and development for each individual, with special emphasis on youth holding new knowledge and skills. Clear direction for reinforcing cultural identity and conservation of cultural heritage, and a strong system of sport which is inclusive for all categories in society, also work in favour of such socio-economic development.

Sector-based strategies

Overview of current strategy papers


Sector-based programmes

Program cjeloživotnog karijernog vođenja i savjetovanja 2021-2023, s Akcionim planom za 2021-2023 (izrada planirana za III kvartal 2021.)

Kolaborativni program za inovacije 2019-2024

Programme for Development and Support to Gifted Students 2020-2022

Programme for Following on the Recommendations for Improving Education Policy 2019-2021 based on the PISA 2015 Study findings


Sector-based programmes

Programme for Adopting Open Science Principles 2020-2022

Programme to Support Innovation Start-ups 2019-2021

Roadmaps and other planning documents relevant for policy implementation

Research Infrastructure Roadmap (2019-2020)

Sports and Youth

Sector-based programmes

Programme for Pursuing Public Interest of Youth Policy in 2020


Sector-based programmes

Creative Montenegro: Identity, Image, Promotion 2017-2020

Culture Development Programme 2016-2020

Roadmaps and other planning documents relevant for policy implementation

Programme for Protection and Preservation of Cultural Property