Transport, energy and information infrastructure

Policy overview

Transport, energy and information policies are part of the same domain given their priority significance concerning infrastructure development to enable better connectivity within Montenegrin territory. These policies aim at better use of existing potentials and technological advancements to facilitate transition to the use of alternative energy sources and the development of a sustainable, green, safe and efficient transport.

This sector is thus intrinsically linked with sustainable development, competitiveness and economic growth given that the infrastructure projects in this area, apart from affecting economic growth and development, should also consider their environmental impact. Such a framework is expected to foster research and innovative solutions to reconcile potentially conflicting policy goals and ensure resource-efficiency and rational space planning towards better living standard of citizens and in line with sustainable and human development goals.

Sector-based strategies

Overview of current strategy papers


Sector-based strategies

Energy Development Strategy 2014-2030

Roadmaps and other planning documents relevant for policy implementation

Energy Policy of Montenegro until 2030